Women and the Holocaust: Narrative and Representation

TitleWomen and the Holocaust: Narrative and Representation
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsFuchs, Esther
Number of Pages143
PublisherUniversity Press of America
CityLanham, MD

Women and the Holocaust brings together essays by leading scholars in the field of Shoah Studies that derive from disciplines such as literary criticism, religious studies, history, sociology, and film studies while focusing on the unique experiences of women in the Holocaust. These scholars analyze how these experiences are represented in cultural media, how these experiences are remembered, and how they differ from men's experiences. This collection seeks to redress the marginalization of women in the recounting of the devastation of European Jewry. It addresses the situation of women suffering for their Jewishness, and the memorialization of this suffering in which they found expression. The contributors search for the unique aspects of this expression by analyzing women's portrayals and texts, and by evaluating the unique voice of women as witnesses to the Holocaust.

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