Internationalism Reconfigured: Transnational Ideas and Movements Between the World Wars

TitleInternationalism Reconfigured: Transnational Ideas and Movements Between the World Wars
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
Series EditorLaqua, Daniel
Number of Pages255
PublisherI. B. Tauris
City, CountryLondon

Many historians have written off the significance of interwar internationalism. They have presented the League of Nations and the campaigns of internationally-minded groups as idealistic failures in an age that was characterized by international tension and aggressive nationalisms. This book challenges such narratives by assessing transnational projects that were launched or transformed after World War One, particularly the interaction of the League of Nations with specific groups or associations. The authors reveal the different rationales and stimuli for international cooperation in this period. With fresh research from several European countries, this book makes an original contribution to the transnational history of the interwar years. –Publisher's copy

Short TitleInternationalism Reconfigured
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