Amours, guerres et sexualité: 1914–1945

TitleAmours, guerres et sexualité: 1914–1945
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsRouquet, Francois, Fabrice Virgili, and Daniele Voldmann
Number of Pages175
PublisherEdition Gallimard

When the war is here, how does one continue to love? In combat as in the rear, men and women are supposed to keep all their strength to defeat the enemy. Yet neither love nor desire can disappear. In an open or hidden way, all forms of feelings and sexuality are expressed in the midst of violence, deprivation and occupation. The proximity of death as well as exceptional situations even reinforce the aspiration to passion, to pleasure, to love, to transgression. At the crossroads of gender history and the history of wars, this book helps to understand and to see how and in what way the world conflicts have influenced the relations between men and women, between combatants and civilians on the level of intimate life. 

Translated TitleLove, War and Sexuality: 1914-1945
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