Gender and Slavery

TitleGender and Slavery
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsWood, Kirsten E.
EditorMyerson, Joel, Sandra H. Petrulionis, and Laura D. Walls
Book TitleThe Oxford Handbook on Slavery in the Americas
PublisherOxford Universtiy Press
CityNew York ; Oxford

In the last three decades, gender has become an indispensable category of analysis in the study of slavery in the Americas, illuminating both the day-to-day lives of enslaved and enslaving peoples and ideas about race and slavery. While studying gender means much more than studying women, the literature on enslaved women is especially influential, in part because of gender analysis's origins in women's history and in part because of women's central importance in slavery: women and ideas about them shaped slavery from beginning to end. This article discusses the origins of slavery, the gendered division of slave labour, reproduction in slavery, sexuality, enslaved families, black femininity and masculinity, mastery and white gender identities, and politics.

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