Männlichkeiten: Deutsche Jungenschaft, CVJM und Naturfreundejugend in Minden, 1945-1955

TitleMännlichkeiten: Deutsche Jungenschaft, CVJM und Naturfreundejugend in Minden, 1945-1955
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsJoergens, Bettina
Number of Pages603
PublisherVerlag für Berlin-Brandenburg

Bettina Joergens’s published dissertation examines three youth groups in Minden--a small German city on the northeastern edge of North Rhine-Westphalia--with the goal of illuminating how notions of masculinity were challenged and transformed in the decade after World War II. Her work builds on the research of Robert Moeller, Heide Fehrenbach, Uta Poiger, Hanna Schissler, and others who have observed the challenges posed by the collapse of Nazism, the loss the Second World War, and the social chaos of the postwar years for the militarized masculinity dominant in Germany during the first half of the twentieth century. As social order was gradually restored, West Germany was “remasculinized,” these scholars argue, but on different terms than earlier.  Above all, stable families were identified as the foundation for political, social, and sexual order, and men were expected to emphasize their roles as “loving fathers and sons."  Joergens adds some depth and complexity to this thesis by analyzing the “everyday history” (Alltagsgeschichte) of adolescent boys who participated in the organized youth groups of Minden. [Clayton Whisnant]

Translated TitleMasculinities: Deutsche Jungenschaft, YMCA, and Friends of Nature Youth in Minden, 1945-1955
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