Glorify the Empire: Japanese Avant-Garde Propaganda in Manchukuo

TitleGlorify the Empire: Japanese Avant-Garde Propaganda in Manchukuo
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsCulver, Annika
Number of Pages268
PublisherUniversity of British Columbia Press

In the 1930s and '40s, Japanese political architects of the Manchukuo project in occupied northeast China realized the importance of using various cultural media to promote a modernization program in the region, as well as its expansion into other parts of Asia. Ironically, the writers and artists chosen to spread this imperialist message had left-wing political roots in Japan, where their work strongly favored modernist, even avant-garde, styles of expression. the book explores how these once anti-imperialist intellectuals produced modernist works celebrating the modernity of a fascist state and reflecting a complicated picture of complicity with, and ambivalence towards, Japan's utopian project. During the war, literary and artistic representations of Manchuria accelerated, and the Japanese-led culture in Manchukuo served as a template for occupied areas in Southeast Asia.

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