Mythic Sacrifices and Read Corpses: Le Sacre du Printemps and the Great War

TitleMythic Sacrifices and Read Corpses: Le Sacre du Printemps and the Great War
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMünkler, Herfried
EditorDanuser, Hermann, and Heidy Zimmermann
Book TitleAvatar of Modernity: The Rite of Spring Reconsidered
PublisherBoosey & Hawkes ; Paul Sacher Foundation
CityLondon ; Basel

This richly illustrated collection of 18 essays provides an overview of current research on The Rite of Spring, opening new perspectives on the work and its impact. Turning to previously unknown sources, the essays cover the circumstances of The Rite's emergence, its contexts and revolutionary potential, as well as its cultural background, poised between archaism and modernity. The myths surrounding the work are critically examined, and the first century of its international reception is viewed from a wide range of vantage points, from choreographic and musical realisations to the responses of composers and analysts. With contributions by Jan Assmann, Jonathan Bernard, Tobias Bleek, John E. Bowlt, Esteban Buch, Jonathan Cross, Lynn Garafola, Paul Griffiths, Edmund Griffiths, Claudia Jeschke, Stefanie Jordan, Andreas Meyer, Herfried Münkler, Robert Piencikowski, Swetlana Savenko, Arne Stollberg, Richard Taruskin and Stephen Walsh [volume abstract].

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