Musica e Musicisti nel Ventennio Fascista

TitleMusica e Musicisti nel Ventennio Fascista
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1984
AuthorsNicolodi, Fiamma
Number of Pages488
PublisherDiscanto ; Nuova Italia
CityFiesole ; Florence

Musica e Musicisti nel Ventennio Fascista, immediately appreciated in Italy and abroad, is still today the reference work for those interested in reconstructing the relations with power of Italian musicians from the beginning to the fall of the regime. From its point of view, the book traces the main stages of the musical history of the early twentieth century. From the Veristi, already famous at the end of the nineteenth century, to the Futurists, who proposed goals considered utopian, realized to some extent only after World War II (alea, rumorismo), to the members of the Generation of the 80s, who confronted European production until the dramatic Thirties, marked by the demagogic warning to "go towards the people", by the autarchic turn, by the "Pact of Steel" with Germany and finally by World War II. Nor is there any lack of mention of the autonomous musicians, the younger generation, the students and followers of the previous movements. The study, accompanied by an Appendix that draws on archival sources long ignored by musicologists, is embellished, in this anastatic edition, by an Afterword in which the author gives an account of the main contributions published in the following thirty years.

Translated TitleMusic and Musicians in the Twenty Years of Fascism
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