Entfernte Verwandtschaft: Faschismus, Nationalsozialismus, New Deal, 1933–1939

TitleEntfernte Verwandtschaft: Faschismus, Nationalsozialismus, New Deal, 1933–1939
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsSchivelbusch, Wolfgang
Number of Pages224
PublisherCarl Hanser Verlag

The economic crisis of the 1930s shook the USA just as much as Europe. But Roosevelt's New Deal economic program saved the U.S. into the war economy, and after the end of the war, America appeared as the shining antithesis of collapsed Europe. But it is precisely in the New Deal that Wolfgang Schivelbusch now discovers surprising similarities with the right-wing ideologies of Hitler and Mussolini: Roosevelt's invocation of the national community, for example, or the consistent use of propaganda techniques. Schivelbusch's comparison shows the seductive powers that reactionary ideas develop when modern societies are in crisis.

Translated TitleDistant Relation: Fascism, National Socialism, New Deal, 1933-1939
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