The Voice of America: Propaganda and Democracy, 1941-1945

TitleThe Voice of America: Propaganda and Democracy, 1941-1945
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsShulman, Holly Cowan
Number of Pages282
PublisherUniversity of Wisconsin Press

Alarmed by the reach and power of Nazi propaganda, President Roosevelt in 1941 authorized the creation of the office that became the Overseas Branch of the Office of War Information: the Voice of America. In this history, the author provides an account to date of how America's wartime propaganda policy evolved. Working from the original radio scripts, personal interviews with former members of OWI and their families, and from extensive archival research in both the United States and Great Britain, she analyzes the cultural myths and symbols reworked by the VOA into instruments of propaganda: a vision of America as the innocent giant whose mission was to save war-torn Europe.

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