Cultural Relations and U.S. Foreign Policy

TitleCultural Relations and U.S. Foreign Policy
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1963
AuthorsThomson, Charles, and Walter H. C. Laves
Number of Pages227
PublisherIndiana University Press
CityBloomington, IN

This book presents a precise and quite detailed resume of the cultural exchange activities in which the United States has participated during the past 25 years. It traces this country's efforts through private organizations, semi-official groupsĀ and official government agencies. The term 'cultural' is used in its broadest sense, and includes not only the fine arts, music, drama and literature, but sports, civilization, scientific and technical knowledge, and other endeavors of this nature as well. There is coverage of the efforts of organizations within the United Nations and of the Peace Corps. The authors contend that sincere, two-way cultural exchanges are now, and will continue to be, a necessary and vital action in support of the foreign policy objectives of the US. In this connection, the text presents the general features which much characterize a large, well-planned, long-range program that would be carried out through effective coordination of government and private efforts. [Review by Navy War College]

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