To Toil and to Survive: Wartime Memories of Finnish Women

TitleTo Toil and to Survive: Wartime Memories of Finnish Women
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsOlsson, Pia
JournalHuman Affairs
Pagination127 - 138
Date Published12/2002

Examines the way women have remembered their wartime experiences in Finland since the end of World War II. Special attention is paid to the Lotta Svärd women's auxiliaries who worked voluntarily both on the home front and in the theater of operations supporting the military forces. The Lotta Svärd organization was suppressed by the government after the war, but some stereotypical impressions of it have persisted to this day. The article considers how former members themselves have responded to the public reevaluation of the wartime experience and women's role in it. Analysis of a set of written reminiscences collected at the end of the 1980's shows that memories are linked to both generation and gender.

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