Zur (Un-)Vereinbarkeit von Leid und Schuld in der Deutschen Erinnerung

TitleZur (Un-)Vereinbarkeit von Leid und Schuld in der Deutschen Erinnerung
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsAssmann, Aleida
Date Published03/2006

Discusses the demand for commemoration of the Holocaust, the German commemoration cycle, and its constitutive debates. In 2003 memories dealing with German suffering returned with unexpected vehemence. Escape and expulsion of German refugees in Eastern Europe, the area bombing of German cities, and mass rapes of German women at the end of the war became central issues. The author uses the revival of this discourse of the past to explain the normative frame that all memory work should take into account.

Translated TitleAre Suffering and Culpability (In)Compatible in German Memory?
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