Sisters in Arms: Quebec Convents at the Crossroads of Empire

TitleSisters in Arms: Quebec Convents at the Crossroads of Empire
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsNoel, Jan
EditorHacker, Barton C., and Margaret Vining
Book TitleA Companion to Women's Military History
CityLeiden; Boston

This book chapterĀ  provides fresh perspective by positioning religious women within a military framework. Among the "Church Militant" were Ursuline and Augustinian Hospital sisters who were the first nuns to arrive in New France in 1639; three years later, other women ventured deep into the woods, the very heart of enemy territory, where they founded a controversial settlement to convert First Nations. The chapter focuses on the time period between 1640 and 1775 and examines the reponse of religious women in Canada to attacks by the different enemy forces. It shows how their solid religious base allowed them to assume Christian guises that could range from loving neighbor all the way to unscrupulous partisan.

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