Deutungen von Krieg in den Lebenserinnerungen der Regula Engel

TitleDeutungen von Krieg in den Lebenserinnerungen der Regula Engel
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsUlbrich, Claudia
EditorPlanert, Ute
Book TitleKrieg und Umbruch in Mitteleuropa um 1800: Erfahrungsgeschichte(n) auf dem Weg in eine neue Zeit

This book chapter discusses the rewiting of the memoires of Regula Engel (1761-1883), a women from Switzerland who followed her husband, a soldier in the French Revvolutionary and Napoleonic army,  to war and wrote in the 1820s her memoires about her experiences to earn  money. Her memoires were republished several times and rewritten by the editor in this process. The author of the book chapter, the German historian Claudia Ulbrich, argues that this rewriting reflects the changing contemporary perception of female "amazones."

Translated TitleInterpretations of War in the Memoirs of Regula Engel
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