The International Armed Volunteers: Pilgrims of a Transnational Risorgimento

TitleThe International Armed Volunteers: Pilgrims of a Transnational Risorgimento
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsPécout, Gilles
JournalJournal of Modern Italian Studies
Date Published11/2009

This article is an introduction to a special issue of the Journal of Modern Italian Studies: "Warfare has been one of the major themes in recent historical debates on the Risorgimento. The international volunteers and the role of their armed journeys and travels in the wider process of politicization during the Romantic era is an important although virtually unstudied aspect of the Risorgimento, and the theme for this issue of the JMIS on the international volunteers is that the generations who were involved in the Risorgimento were acutely aware that their movement had an international dimension and that there was no clear contrast between the nation and internationalism. Drawing on the four articles that follow this Introduction, the reasons are set out why armed volunteering was a critical feature of a transnational Risorgimento that acquired the form of an anthropological adventure in which exoticism and the quest for manly action were important, but at the same time an anthropological journey in which exile was also a political adventure."

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