Imperialism and Gender: Constructions of Masculinity

TitleImperialism and Gender: Constructions of Masculinity
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsGittings, Christopher E.
Number of Pages240
CityNew Lambton, Australia

This 1996 edited volume brings together the interdisciplinary work of scholars who study the history of masculinity and imperialism from Antiquity to the the twentieth century in different imperial settings. Most of the book chapters focus on the 19th and the 20th centuries, empire, and cultural representations of masculinity. Some include the aspect of military and war. The table of contents is listed below:


  • Introduction / Christopher E. Gittings
  • Greek & Roman Hercules: Moments in Pre-Historical Imperialism / Matthew Fox
  • White Medicine: Red Manhood: George Catlin North American Indians / Brian Harding
  • Virginia Woolf: Masculinity as Imperial "Parade" / Barbara Rasmussen
  • Lost in the Past: A Tale of Heroes and Englishness / Susan Bassnett
  • What would Daddy Have Done? Overt and Covert Constructions of Masculinity in Twentieth-Century Children's Literature / Peter Hunt
  • Explorers Wild : The Hubbards in Labrador / Alan F. Williams
  • America's Raj: Kipling, Masculinity and Empire / Nicholas J. Cull
  • A Lament for Imperial Adventury: Lawrence of Arabia in the Post-Colonial World / Graham Dawson
  • Reading Masculinities in Claire Denis' Chocolat / Susan Hayward
  • A Daydream of Alternative Subject Formation: The Exotic White Man
  • Companion Story to the Fabulous Adventures of the Mahogany Princesses / Gargi Bhattacharyya
  • Passage to E.M. Forster: Race, Homosexuality, and the "Unmanageable Streams" of Empire / Joseph Bristow
  • Economies of Empire and Masculinity in Conrad's Victory / Andrew Michael Roberts
  • Passion's "Cumulative Poison": Colonial Desire and Friendship in Kipling's Early Fiction / Christopher Lane
  • "What are Soldiers for?": Remaking Masculinities in Timothy Findley "The Wars" / Christopher E. Gittings
  • "Rogues and Brutes ... in Pinstripe Suits": Timothy Findley's "Headhunter"
  • Turning Boys into Men: Australian "Boys' Won" Annuals, 1900-1950 / John Martin
  • Sons of Empire: How Boys Became Men in One Australian Town, 1900-1920 / Peter West
  • Casually Over the Balcony: Memoirs of a Bloke / Brian Matthews.
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