Colossus Reborn: The Red Army at War, 1941-1943

TitleColossus Reborn: The Red Army at War, 1941-1943
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsGlantz, David
Number of Pages826
PublisherUniversity Press of Kansas

"In Stumbling Colossus, David Glantz explored why the Red Army was unprepared for the German blitzkrieg that nearly destroyed it and left more than 4 million of its soldiers dead by the end of 1941. In Colossus Reborn he recounts the miraculous resurrection of the Red Army, which, with a display of military strategy and operational prowess, stopped the Wehrmacht in its tracks and turned the tide of war." "Beyond the battles themselves, Glantz also presents an in-depth portrait of the Red Army as an evolving military institution. Assessing more clearly than ever before the army's size, strength, and force structure, he provides keen insights into its doctrine, strategy, tactics, weaponry, training, officer corps, and political leadership. In the process, be puts a human face on the Red Army's commanders and soldiers, including women and those who served in units - security (NKVD), engineer, railroad, auto-transport, construction, and penal forces - that have till now remained poorly understood."--Jacket.

Short TitleColossus Reborn
Reprint EditionSovetskoe voennoe chudo 1941-1943: Vozrozhdenie Krasnoi Armii, trans. V. Fedorov (Moscow: EKSMO, 2008).
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