The Women of the British Army in America

TitleThe Women of the British Army in America
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsHagist, Don N.
JournalBrigade Dispatch
Volume24 and 25
IssueVol. 24, Issue 3 and 4; Vol. 25, Issue 1 and 2
Pagination2–10; 9-17; 11-16; 8-14
Date Published1994-1995

The roles of women in the armies of the American Revolution, although not unknown, are not fully appreciated. Of all that has been written on this period of history, only a small portion addresses the women who followed the armies; still less is dedicated to the topic. This shortfall is not the result of a dearth of primary accounts. There is a great deal of such material available, but very little has been compiled or assimilated. It is with a view toward compila­tion that this article is written.

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