Les filles de Marianne: histoire des féminismes 1914-1940

TitleLes filles de Marianne: histoire des féminismes 1914-1940
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsBard, Christine
Number of Pages528

This monograph covers the history of French feminism between 1914 and 1940, i.e. in the period of  World War I and the interwar period until the German occupation in World War II. It introduces readers to some of the main activist of the French feminist movement and their struggle for equal rights. Among them, Adrienne de Sainte-Croix, in the fight against regulated prostitution, Cécile Brunschwicg, Under-Secretary of State in 1936, Louise Weiss who mediated the suffragist campaign, Madeleine Pelletier, the daring theorist of the virilization of women, and Hélène Brion, l a pacifist teacher, and many others: so many ways of being a feminist that also reflect political convictions. Whether in private life, public life or work, their desire to emancipate incessantly aroused fear of sexual undifferentiation. Faced with a Republic that resisted them, feminists showed themselves worthy of citizenship, but their equal political citizenship  was not rewarded with the right to vote until 1944.

Translated TitleThe Daughters of Marianne: The History of Feminisms 1914-1940
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