Chronicle of Youth: The War Diary 1913-1917

TitleChronicle of Youth: The War Diary 1913-1917
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1982
AuthorsBrittain, Vera, Alan Bishop, and Terry Smart
Number of Pages382

Vera Brittain's bestselling Testament of Youth was based on her actual diaries which have far greater intimacy and immediacy than the book extracted from them. Beginning in the carefree summer of 1913, she follows the shocking onset of war, and the tragic loss of her brother, her fiancé, and most of their young set in the horror that was WWI. Vera herself abandoned Oxford to train as a nurse, and spent the rest of the War tending the wounded-including German POWs. Written in London, Malta, and France, they capture all the war's horrors and Brittain's emergence as a committed pacifist. "One of the rare books which are a landmark for a whole generation."--Times Literary Supplement.

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