The Recollections of Rifleman Harris

TitleThe Recollections of Rifleman Harris
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1970
AuthorsHarris, Benjamin
Series EditorHibbert, Christopher
Number of Pages128
PublisherArchon Books
City, CountryHamden, CT

This work features the recollections of Benjamin Harris who fought in the British Army's campaign against Napoleon in Spain and Portugal. Harris joined the army in 1802 and later joined the 95th Rifles, a regiment which became the elite of the Army through their expertise with the rifle, their alertness, discipline and regimental pride. The story unfolds from the moment that the diminutive Harris lands in Portugal and marches away in the sun, weighed down by his kit and great coat, his blanket and camp kettle, his haversack rifle, ammunition, ship-biscuit and beef and all the tools and leather that he had to carry as the battalion's cobbler.

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