Picture Book of the Graphic Arts, 1500-1800

TitlePicture Book of the Graphic Arts, 1500-1800
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1972
AuthorsHirth, Georg
Number of Volumes6
Number of Pages2334
PublisherBenjamin Blom
CityNew York

Translated edition of facsimiles of woodcuts, copperplates, etchings [etc.] by German, French, Dutch, and other artists, illustrative of the history and customs of the 16th to 18th century. German with English versions of the introductory notes to vols. 1-4. Includes original title pages. Includes several prints that are interesting for the history of war and gender.

Original PublicationKulturgeschichtliches Bilderbuch aus drei Jahrhunderten (Munich: Knorr & Hirth, 1882).
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