La gallerie des femmes fortes

TitleLa gallerie des femmes fortes
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1647
AuthorsLe Moyne, Pierre
Number of Pages462
PublisherChez Antoine de Sommaville

This volume is the most significant example of the numerous galleries of women published during the first half of the 17th century. It presents a strong argument that femmes fortes (i.e. women who are strong, valiant, courageous, or fearless) could become heads of state. With this book, the author contributed to the long running "querelle des femmes" concerning the abilities and status of women versus men, suggesting that the femme sauvante and the femme forte thus were interwoven. This book, in its twenty sections, pictures and discusses twenty women from history who exemplify leadership qualities of both mind and body, including those qualities of the warrior. The author created a compendium of heroines from four epochs: early Jewish, barbarian (i.e. non-Greeks), Roman, and Christian figures. Each heroine is pictured in a large engraving (emblematic of her strengths). The engraving is followed by a description, a sonnet, an eulogy, a moral reflection, a moral question, and an example drawn for modern history. [from Golden Legend Rare Books]

Translated TitleThe Gallery of Heroic Women
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