Colour-blind France? Colonial Workers during the First World War

TitleColour-blind France? Colonial Workers during the First World War
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsStovall, Tyler
JournalRace and Class
Date Published01/1993

The belief that France is a country without significant prejudice against people of colour has proved surprisingly durable. American blacks, in particular, have often praised the land where Josephine Baker rose to stardom, accepting that anyone who could assimilate into French culture would be welcomed as an equal. However, scholarly investigations of this issue have called into question the idea of a color-blind France. William Cohen, for example, has pointed to widespread racial stereotyping and discrimination in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries among the French. An examination of recent French history shows that immigrant workers have not always been of equal statis - as evidenced by their use in the First World War. [From the Article]

Short TitleColour-blind France?
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