Ice Cold in Alex

TitleIce Cold in Alex
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1958
AuthorsJ. Thompson, Lee
Running Time129 min
Date Released03/1958
DistributorAssociated British-Pathé
Publication Languageenglish

During the Western Desert Campaign of World War II, a group of British officers and nurses travel from Tobruk to Alexandria as the German Afrika Korps advances. They meet a stranded man, who claims to be an Afrikaner, and he proves to be of immense help in fighting the vast and brutal Sahara. The British realize he is a German spy, but in Alexandria they claim him as a prisoner of war in gratitude for his help.


John Mills

Sylvia Syms

Anthony Quayle

Harry Andrews


Produced by W. A. Whittaker

Directed by J. Lee Thompson

Written by Christopher Landon and T. J. Morrison

Cinematography by Gilbert Taylor

Edited by Richard Best

Music by Leighton Lucas


Drama, War

Alternate TitleDessert Attack
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Released in the United States in 1961 under the title Dessert Attack and cut down to 78 minutes.

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