Judgment at Nuremberg

TitleJudgment at Nuremberg
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1961
AuthorsKramer, Stanley
Running Time186 min
Date Released12/1961
DistributorUnited Artists
CountryUnited States
Publication Languageeng

This widely praised courtroom drama examines justice, moral complicity, and collective guilt through the U.S.-led Nuremberg Trials. Focused specifically on the 1948 Judges Trial, an American judge debates the fate of his German counterparts. Although the film exposes Nazi atrocities, using archival footage of concentration camps, its German characters draw parallels between Nazi policies of racial purity and American laws and programs that accomplish the same thing. The Cold War figures prominently as subtext, both in the time period depicted as well as the era the film was made.


Spencer Tracy

Burt Lancaster

Richard Widmark

Maximilian Schell

Werner Klemperer

Marlene Dietrich

Montgomery Clift

Judy Garland

Howard Caine

William Shatner

John Wengraf

Karl Swenson

Ben Wright


Produced and Directed by Stanley Kramer

Screenplay by Abby Mann

Music by Ernest Gold

Cinematography by Ernest Laszlo

Edited by Frederic Knudtson


Drama, War

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selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

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