Millions Like Us

TitleMillions Like Us
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1943
AuthorsGilliat, Sidney, and Frank Launder
Running Time103 min
Date Released11/1943
DistributorGainsborough Pictures
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication Languageeng

A patriotic tribute to British women on the home front in World War II. Women of different classes and regions become friends as they work in an aircraft factory. Their love, work, and personal lives evolve over the course of the war, changes the directors captured using documentary techniques.


Eric Portman
Gordon Jackson
Patricia Roc
Basil Radford
Naunton Wayne
Moore Marriott
Joy Shelton
Megs Jenkins
Terry Randall


Produced by Edward Black
Written by Sidney Gilliat and Frank Launder
Music by Louis Levy
Cinematography by Jack Cox and Roy Fogwell
Edited by R.E. Dearing


Drama, War

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