The Story of G.I. Joe

TitleThe Story of G.I. Joe
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1945
AuthorsWellman, William A.
Running Time108 minutes
Date Released1945
DistributorUnited Artists
CountryUnited States
Publication Languageenglish

Based on Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ernie Pyle's stories, this film celebrates the sacrifice of American soldiers during World War II. Pyle follows C Company, 18th Infantry of the U.S. Army from Tunisia to Sicily and Italy. He observes the often harsh and tedious conditions of warfare, the psychological toll on the soldiers, and brief moments of joy. 


Burgess Meredith

Robert Mitchum


Produced by Lester Cowan

Directed by William A. Wellman

Written by Leopold Atlas, Guy Endore, and Philip Stevenson

Cinematography by Russell Metty

Edited by Otho Lovering

Music by Ann Ronell and Louis Applebaum


War, Drama

Alternate TitleErnie Pyle's Story of G.I. Joe
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Pyle covered the 34th and 36th Infantry Divisions during the Italian campaign. Pyle died while covering the Battle of Okinawa.

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