The Army of Shadows

TitleThe Army of Shadows
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1969
AuthorsMelville, Jean-Pierre
Running Time145 min
Date Released09/1969
DistributorValoria Films
Publication Languagefrench, german, eng

A masterpiece lost to shifting political winds, The Army of Shadows offers a bleak interpretation of the French Resistance during World War II. A group of men and women work in secret and constantly move to take down collaborators and the Gestapo, narrowly but not always escaping death and persecution. French audiences rejected the film in 1968 as pro-de Gaulle, but its re-release nearly 40 years later received near universal acclaim. 


Lino Ventura

Simone Signoret

Paul Meurisse

Jean-Pierre Cassel


Directed by Jean-Pierre Melville

Produced by Jacques Dorfmann

Written by Jean-Pierre Melville

Music by Éric Demarsan

Cinematography by Pierre Lhomme and Walter Wottitz

Edited by Françoise Bonnot


Drama, War

Original PublicationL'armée des ombres
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