Cross of Iron

TitleCross of Iron
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1977
AuthorsPeckinpah, Sam
Running Time2h 12 m
Date Released01/28/1977
DistributorEMI Films, Constantin Films
CountryUnited Kingdom, West Germany
Publication LanguageEnglish

Class conflict, greed, and blackmail characterize this film about German troops on the eastern front during World War II, directed by Sam Peckinpash. Stransky (Maximilian Schell), an aristocratic officer newly transferred from occupied France, states his goal of winning the prestigious Iron Cross on the battlefield, but his inexperience and arrogance jeopardize his troops and make his enemies. Cpl. Steiner (James Coburn), a battle-hardened non-commissioned officer, challenges Stransky’s goal. 

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