The Manchurian Candidate

TitleThe Manchurian Candidate
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1962
AuthorsFrankenheimer, John
Running Time126 min
Date Released10/1962
DistributorUnited Artists
CountryUnited States
Publication Languageeng

A masterpiece of political satire, The Manchurian Candidate explores fear, paranoia, and the culture of the Cold War and McCarthyism in early 1960s America. After suffering from recurring nightmares about an incident during the Korean War, U.S. Army Major Ben Marco suspects his platoon mate and celebrated hero Raymond Shaw might have been brainwashed. He was. Shaw's mother, an undercover Soviet agent, orders him to assassinate the presidential candidate so that her impressionable, weak-willed husband can take his place. 


Frank Sinatra

Laurence Harvey

Janet Leigh

Angela Lansbury

Henry Silva

James Gregory

Leslie Parrish



executive producer, Howard W. Koch

produced by George Axelrod and John Frankenheimer

directed by John Frankenheimer

screenplay by George Axelrod

Music by David Amram

director of photography, Lionel Lindon

production designer, Richard Sylbert

film editor, Ferris Webster

costumes by Moss Mabry

costumer, Wesley V. Jefferies

set decorator, George R. Nelson


Drama, Thriller

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