Los últimos de Filipinas

TitleLos últimos de Filipinas
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1945
AuthorsRomán, Antonio
Running Time1h 39min
Date Released12/28/1945
DistributorCEA Distribución
Publication LanguageSpanish, English

In this celebration of Spanish nationalism, and an early example of Francoist Spain, a captain makes a last stand in a small village in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War (1898). Stationed in Baler on the island of Luzon, Captain Morenas takes precautionary measures to secure his forces in the town's church when he learns about a planned peasant uprising. He and his men defend their position for nearly a year and long after the war and Spanish control of the Philippines ceased. 

Alternate TitleLast Stand in the Philippines
Translated TitleThe Last of the Philippines
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