Los últimos de Filipinas (Last Stand in the Philippines)

TitleLos últimos de Filipinas (Last Stand in the Philippines)
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1947
AuthorsRomán, Antonio
Running Time99 min
Date Released1947/05/10/
DistributorCEA Distribución
Publication Languagespanish, english

In this celebration of Spanish nationalism, and an early example of Francoist Spain, a captain makes a last stand in a small village in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. Stationed in Baler on the island of Luzon, Captain Morenas takes precautionary measures to secure his forces in the town's church when he learns about a planned peasant uprising. He and his men defend their position for nearly a year and long after the war and Spanish control of the Philippines ceased. 


Armando Calvo

José Nieto

Fernando Rey

Guillermo Marín

Manuel Morán

Conrado San Martín

Tony Leblanc

Nani Fernández

Carlos Muñoz


Directed by Antonio Román

Written by Antonio Román and Pedro de Juan

Cinematography by Heinrich Gärtner

Edited by Bienvenida Sanz

Music by Manuel Parada


Drama, Romance

Alternate TitleLast Stand in the Philippines
Translated TitleThe Last of the Philippines
Original PublicationLos últimos de Filipinas
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