The Little Traitor

TitleThe Little Traitor
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsRoth, Lynn
Running Time88 minutes
Date Released04/2009
DistributorWestchester Films Inc.
CountryUnited States
Publication Languagehebrew, english

In the months before the creation of the State of Israel, a young Jewish boy and a British soldier develop an unlikely friendship. Proffy frequently voices his contempt for the British who occupy Palestine, but he is surprised when Sgt. Dunlop shows him understanding and warmth and acts as a surrogate father. When his village learns of their bond, they prosecute Proffy as a traitor. 


Alfred Molina

Ido Port

Anat Klausner

Theodore Bikel

Rami Heuberger

Gilya Stern

Jake Barker


Produced by Eitan Evan and Lynn Roth

Directed and Written by Lynn Roth

Cinematography by Amnon Zalait

Edited by Michael Ruscio and Danny Shick

Music by Deborah Lurie



Original Publicationha-Boged ha-katan
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