One Day in September

TitleOne Day in September
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsMacdonald, Kevin
Running Time94 min
Date Released10/1999
DistributorSony Pictures Classics
CountryUnited States
Publication Languageeng

This documentary presents the massacre of Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Existing footage and interviews emphasize the lack of security, the botched rescue mission, and the preparation of the terrorists. It features the only known interview with Jamal Al-Gashey, the only surviving terrorist. 


Narrated by Michael Douglas


Produced by John Battsek, Lillian Birnbaum, Arthur Cohn, and Andrew Ruhemann

Directed by Kevin MacDonald

Cinematography by Neve Cunningham and Alwin H. Kuchler

Edited by Justine Wright 


Documentary, Sport

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