Alezmen alebaqey / The Time that Remains

TitleAlezmen alebaqey / The Time that Remains
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSuleiman, Elia
Running Time109 minutes
Date Released08/2009
DistributorLe Pacte
Publication LanguageArabic, Hebrew, English

In this semi-autobiographical film based on his father's diaries and his mother's letters, director Elia Suleiman traces the evolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict through a focus on the everyday life of Israeli Arabs. From the creation of Israel to the near-present day, Suleiman weaves together fractured vignettes of a family adapting to political changes that transform their family bonds and create new identities. 

Alternate TitleThe Time That Remains: Chronicle of a Present Absentee
Original PublicationAlezmen alebaqey
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