Germany Year Zero

TitleGermany Year Zero
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1948
AuthorsRossellini, Roberto
Running Time78 minutes
Date Released1948
DistributorG.D.B. Film
Publication Languagegerman, english, french

In this bleak look at post-World War II Germany, director Roberto Rossellini uses childhood to explore the morality of war. Twelve year old Edmund searches for belonging and purpose. In his adventures through war-torn Berlin, he encounters other disaffected youth as well as a former teacher. Edmund misinterprets one lesson on heroism and compassionately murders his ailing father. His siblings' devastation leads the young boy to suicide. 


Edmund Moeschke

Ernst Pittschau

Ingetraud Hinze

Franz-Otto Krüger

Erich Gühne


Produced by Salvo D'Angelo and Roberto Rossellini

Directed by Roberto Rossellini

Written by Roberto Rossellini, Max Kolpé, and Sergio Amidei

Cinematography by Robert Juillard

Edited by Eraldo Da Roma

Music by Renzo Rossellini


Drama, War

Alternate TitleDeutschland im Jahre Null
Original PublicationGermania, anno zero
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Part of Roberto Rossellini's War trilogy. The third part of the trilogy following, Paisan, and Roma, Open City.

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