Live and Become

TitleLive and Become
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsMihaileanu, Radu
Running Time140 min
Date Released02/11/2005
DistributorLes Films du Losange
Publication LanguageHebrew, French, Amharic

Schlomo, an Ethiopian boy, is placed by his Christian mother with an Ethiopian Jewish woman whose child has died. This woman, who will become his adoptive mother, is about to be airlifted from a Sudanese refugee camp to Israel during Operation Moses in 1984. His birth mother, who hopes for a better life for him, tells him "Go, live, and become," as he leaves her to get on the bus. The film tells of his growing up in Israel and how he deals with the secrets he carries: not being Jewish and having left his birth mother.

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