Blockade: The Diary of an Austrian Middle-Class Woman, 1914-1024

TitleBlockade: The Diary of an Austrian Middle-Class Woman, 1914-1024
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1932
AuthorsEisenmenger, Anna
Number of Pages273
PublisherR. Long & R.R. Smith
CityNew York

Anna Eisenmenger, the middle-class wife of a Viennese physician, suffered the deprivations and losses of war. In 1914, the Eisenmenger family consisted of Anna and her husband; three sons, Otto, Karl, and Erni; a daughter, Liesbeth; Liesbeth's husband, Rudi; and Liesbeth's newborn son, Wolfi. By 1918, Eisenmenger's husband had died from over¬work and poor nutrition, Otto had been missing for several years on the Russian front, and Karl and Rudi both had been wounded. Eisenmenger kept a diary during the war which described the deprivations and hardships of life as well as the mental toll ward had taken on her sons.

Short TitleBlockade
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