One Woman at War: Letters of Olive King, 1915-1920

TitleOne Woman at War: Letters of Olive King, 1915-1920
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsKing, Olive, and Hazel King
PublisherMelbourne University Press
CityCarlton, Vic. ; Portland, OR

Olive King offered her services as an ambulance driver soon after WWI broke out, and went to Belgium. In May, 1915 she joined the Scottish Women's Hospital and her letters date from that time. She went to France and the Balkans and joined the Serbian Army in 1916 and rose to the rank of sergeant. Her letters describe the great fire which destroyed much of Salonika where she evacuated civilians and moved medical supplies to safety. Pilfering was rife, so she slept on top of the stores to keep pilferers away. She also played a major role in the Australian-Serbian canteens, for which she received two awards.

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