Path of Embers : A Woman Soldier's Way : A Memoir

TitlePath of Embers : A Woman Soldier's Way : A Memoir
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsScott-Reyes, Laurie
Number of Pages393
PublisherRising Creek Pub.
CityRiverdale, GA

A young black woman trades in her high-heel shoes for combat boots when she leaves a glamorous and creative world of fashion design, modeling and art to join the Army. Life events that compel her to make the dramatic change begin when she is a child in rural Alabama. During the '60s she becomes a battlefield casualty of the civil rights movement both emotionally and physically. In the Army she fights a different battle. That of being female and black in the world's most powerful male-dominated organization. The ultimate fight, though, is for sanity in an insane world.

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