Dnevnik Sestry Miloserdiia: Na Peredovykh Pozitsiiakh

TitleDnevnik Sestry Miloserdiia: Na Peredovykh Pozitsiiakh
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1915
AuthorsZakharova, Lidiia
Number of Pages173
PublisherIzdatel'stvo biblioteka "Velikoi Voiny"

This diary of a Russian Sister of Mercy, Lidiia Zakharova, a Red Cross nurse from upper-class background, who served during the Frst World War, was written in field hospitals and trenches and reflects with its vivid desriptions the disturbing reality of war. However, the book is also full of clichés, like the overwhelmingly forgiving attitude shown by Russian soldiers towards German prisoners, the good humour and modesty displayed by war heroes, or kind treatment of a Jew and a Polish girl which allowed them to demonstrate their profound gratitude to the Russians. In her narrative, Lidiia Zakharova also mentioned that she had somehow copied samples of soldiers’ letters which are quoted in the book as proofs of the heroism, courage, humanity and simplicity of their authors. The text published in 1915 aimed for a mobilization of more Russian women for nursing service.

Translated TitleThe Diary of a Sister of Mercy: On the Front Line
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