Witchfinder General

TitleWitchfinder General
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1968
AuthorsReeves, Michael
Running Time86 min
Date Released05/1968
DistributorTigon Pictures
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication Languageeng

This cult-classic horror film, loosely based on real events, explores power and torture during the English Civil War. Matthew Hopkins, a self-appointed witch hunter, roams the countryside of East Anglia in search of religious heretics and political dissenters, a cover for his more sadistic aims. One Roundhead soldier seeks vengeance after Hopkins and his assistant John Stearne rape and torture his wife. 


Vincent Price

Ian Ogilvy

Rupert Davies

Wilfred Brambell

Robert Russell

Nicky Henson

Hilary Dwyer

Patrick Wymark


Directed by Michael Reeves

Produced by Louis M. Heyward, Arnold Miller, and Philip Waddilove

Screenplay by Tom Baker and Michael Reeves, with additional scenes by Louis M. Heyward

Cinematography by John Coquillon

Edited by Howard Lanning

Music by Paul Ferris and Kendall Schmidt (Home Video Version)


Horror, Drama, War

Alternate TitleThe Conqueror Worm
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