La Marseillaise

TitleLa Marseillaise
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1938
AuthorsRenoir, Jean
Running Time2h 10m
Date Released02/10/1938
DistributorRéalisation d'art cinématographique (RAC)
Publication LanguageFrench, German

Jean Renoir's epic account of the French Revolution (1789–99) juxtaposes the opulent life of King Louis XVI (1754–93) with the poverty of the commoners who rose up to overthrow the monarchy in 1789. The film's title comes from the rallying song which grew out of the peasants' march on the Bastille, the song that ultimately became the French national anthem. Filmed with a cast of thousands, the focus is on two members of a large volunteer battalion who help the revolutionary army in its takeover of the Tulleries, which resulted in the publication of the Brunswick Manifesto and ultimately led to King Louis' downfall.

Translated TitleThe Marseillaise
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