Artigas: La Redota

TitleArtigas: La Redota
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCharlone, César
Running Time115 min
Date Released07/2011
Publication Languagespanish

When commissioned to paint a portrait of General José Artigas, the revolutionary leader of Uruguay, decades after his death, Juan Manuel Blanes researches his subject's life and stumbles upon old secrets from the Spanish Wars of Independence. A Spanish spy, hired by the Argentinians, planned to kill Artigas only to drop his plans when he found the leader among the marginalized. Blanes' portrait of Artigas paints him as such rather than as a military leader the dictator of Uruguay wanted. 


Yamandu Cruz

Jorge Esmoris

Franklin Rodriguez

Alternate TitleThe Story of Artigas
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