Write Soon. Love, Fran: Letters Home from a Korean War WAC

TitleWrite Soon. Love, Fran: Letters Home from a Korean War WAC
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsStarks, L. E., and Frances M. Bushey
Number of Pages445
CityBaltimore, MD

The Army career of Corporal Frances M. Bushey, now retired, began on April 28, 1949 and lasted until she was honorably discharged on September 7, 1951. This book is based on the letters written by Corporal Bushey, now known as Mrs. Frances M. Wissner, to her mother throughout her military career as well as her personal remembrances of the events. The personal experiences of this Korean War WAC include her opinions and thoughts on her relationships, friendships and her work as a cook in the Army. The reader will be privy to all the intimate details of daily life as recounted by a woman in the Women's Army Corps who started her army career as a Private and ended it as a Corporal. 

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