The Way of the Waves: Women in the Navy

TitleThe Way of the Waves: Women in the Navy
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsAlsmeyer, Marie Bennett
Number of Pages186
PublisherHAMBA Books
CityConway, AK

In 1942, the Women's Reserve of the U.S. Naval Reserve began with a few dozen women. By the end of World War II, the Women's Reserve, nicknamed the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services), numbered 86,000 officers and enlisted women. The WAVES performed vitally important wartime duties and paved the way for a permanent place in the U.S. Navy for women. In this volume, the author describes her experience in the wartime Navy. The book chronicles her 30 months in the Navy by following her from a small town in southern Texas through her duties at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in California.

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