The Black Battalion / Černý Prapor

TitleThe Black Battalion / Černý Prapor
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1958
AuthorsCech, Vladimir
Running Time1h 30m
DistributorCeskoslovenský Státní Film
Publication LanguageCzech

This film is the story of young Czech Václav Maly (Jaroslav Mares) who, having survived the concentration camp during the Holocaust and the deaths of his father and sister, for the lead SS guard Wolf (Hannjo Hasse), who escaped from the Allies and is now fighting in the war in French Indochina French Foreign Legion. Maly joins the Legion and is assigned to the same unit as Wolf. The film portrays Maly’s quest for revenge against the backdrop of the battle against the Việt Minh in the final days of the First Indochina War (1946–54).


Jaroslav Mares

Frantisek Peterka

Günther Simon


directed by Vladimír Cech

written by Miloslav Fábera, Kamil Pixa

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