La Lengua de las Mariposas / Butterfly

TitleLa Lengua de las Mariposas / Butterfly
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsCuerda, José Luis
Running Time96 min
Date Released24/09/1999
DistributorWarner Sogefilms S.A.
Publication Languagespanish

Set shortly before the Spanish Civil War, Moncho, a shy young boy forms a friendship with his teacher Don Gregorio and learns about the beauty of the natural world. As tensions rise in Galicia, fascists arrest his teacher for his Republican beliefs. To protect his own Republican father, the boy betrays his feelings when he joins his mother and neighbors in throwing stones and slurs at their Republican neighbors, including his teacher, although the last thing Moncho yells is the word for the tongue of a butterfly, espiritrompa (Galician for "proboscis"), a favorite word taught to him by Don Gregorio in an attempt to let his dear friend know that he does not truly mean the words he is yelling.

Alternate TitleButterfly's Tongue
Original PublicationLa Lengua de las Mariposas
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