La prima Angélica / Cousin Angelica

TitleLa prima Angélica / Cousin Angelica
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1974
AuthorsSaura, Carlos
Running Time1h 47min
Date Released04/29/1974
DistributorUnited International Pictures (UIP)
Publication LanguageSpanish

Cousin Angelica was a controversial film about the memory of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) from the Republican perspective. When his mother dies, aging bachelor Luis (Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez) travels to Segovia, Spain, in order to bury her alongside her family. While there, he stays in the very house where he spent the duration of the war, which inevitably brings back a flood of memories both good and bad. Chief among these is his recollection of the love he once had for his cousin, Angelica (Lina Canalejas), who, as luck would have it, is living downstairs with her family.

Original PublicationLa prima Angélica
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